Joanneum-Card, monthly drawing


Each month we draw 8 people out of all online form submissions who receive a Joanneum-Card for free. The drawing and the respective form landing page are part of a sponsoring contract with Österreichische Lotterien.

Data collection

Online visitors are asked a different question related to our museums or collections every month, select the subscription level they would like to win and submit their basic contact information.

If the winner selected the individual or young adult subscription level we already collected all the information we need and issue the card right away. If the winner selected a partner or family subscription level we follow up with a PDF form in order to collect further contact data required and to provide an opportunity to sign up for our newsletters.

Each contact is added to our customer database and receives the museum’s monthly program either as newsletter or in print.

The landing page

The text on the landing page focuses only on our the card’s services provided for 12 months. Visitors are unable to select our additional extension packages for the card. Any distractions such as links and navigation have been removed to ensure form submission and drive conversion. The most recent winners, along with testimonials provide additional value.

The drawing is posted on the most active Facebook pages of our various museums with an average of around 70 participants each month. The shortened campaign link to the landing page ensures we are able to easily track form submission rate on Google Analytics.


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