Bonus event, analysis and success story


A comparison of the possible number of participants of a bonus event with the actual number of participants in 2014 resulted in a 99% attendance rate.

An in-depth analysis shows that over 50% of all participants attended at least 2 events which is a great success for customer retention as well as for the program.

In addition, 12% of all participants attended a bonus event as a friend of a Joanneum-Card holder. The “Bring a Friend” extension package introduces potential customers to our program at no cost and offers the opportunity to get to know our product before purchasing. This way an existing Joanneum-Card holder acts as multiplier for his or her friends who might be interested in the Joanneum-Card themselves.

Joanneum-Card holders who attended several bonus events a year are especially connected to the museum and its exhibits. The museum could benefit from those people by inviting them to actively participate in the program development in the form of a focus group.

A focus group comprised of 1-2 people of each target group could help identify visitor needs for the customer loyalty department as well as for marketing. For example, we could ask for the focus group’s input on our printed and online content and support the creation of a content strategy as a whole.

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