Stuffed animals



The Tigerente is taken from a German children’s book by Janosch. This was my first project I modeled after my key chain. I wanted to purchase a really large Tigerente but the only one I could find cost €200. So I simply decided to make one myself 🙂

Hugging my Tigerente after my parents shipped it to the US.


This Tigerente is 3 meters long and sown together from individual strips of fabric. It wraps around in bed to make a cozy sleeping nest!

Gummy Bear

A friend of mine only eats green gummy bears, so I created a stuffed green one for her.

Green gummy bear for Karin

Flying Spaghetti Monster

The Flying Spaghetti Monster made  my husband very happy 🙂 He placed it on his desk at work for everyone to see and trust me, it got a lot of attention 😉 This was a very simple project, just 2 balls and a bunch of noodles, but a LOT of hand stitching… Visit to find out more about FSM.

Flying Spaghetti Monster for Ryan


The cat is based on a Google Hangout sticker my brother and his girlfriend use in their conversations.

Google Hangout Sticker

Final product – and the dragon in the background is another art project.

Sketching how it could look like

Body, tail and legs done

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